Supervisor of Mental Health Counselors

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Beverly, MA
Job ID: 149572-1A
Date Posted: Apr 18, 2019

Job Description



Scheduled Hours

40 hours, full time


1. Supports the hospital in such a manner that there is a strong and positive commitment to safe patient care.

2. Responsible for communicating hospital policies, procedures and goals to personnel working in the Beverly Hospital ED.

3. Investigates incidents, accidents and grievances and implements necessary follow-up in conjunction with the Director of Emergency Psychiatric Services.

4. Leads the service in quality improvement studies that have a positive patient care outcome.

5. Plans, coordinates, and supervises care provided by mental health counselors in the Emergency Department.

6. Uses leadership skills to facilitate collaboration and engagement, and ensures the successful treatment and management of patient care.

7. Attends administrative meetings that support the Emergency Department.

8. Supports and implements administrative decisions.

9. Maintains a solid understanding of hospital policies and protocols, and practices within those policies and protocols.

10. Participates in appropriate system-wide committees.

11. Promotes professional working relationships between patients and families and hospital staff.

12. Facilitates interdepartmental cooperation between behavioral health and emergency department and security staff.

13. Maintains yearly/biyearly requirements of CPR, Risk Management and Aggression Management. Ensure all unit employees maintain current yearly/biyearly requirements.

14. Performs other duties as assigned.

Directly supervise all Mental Health Counselors working in the Beverly Hospital Emergency Department. Provide supervision in a positive and thoughtful manner so that professional improvement and development is enhanced.

T-About the Job

Assumes responsibility for the supervision of the Mental Health Counselors in the Beverly Hospital Emergency Department. Provides direction and support to the mental health counselors in the ED, serves as liaison between security and the behavioral health staff, collaborates with ED leadership to ensure effective management of behavioral health patients, assists med-surge staff in the execution of patient de-escalation as needed. Responsible for overall staffing, and maintain department quality goals.


At least five years professional experience in the mental health field.

Demonstrates a positive demeanor that allows for respectful and courteous interaction with all external and internal customers. Works cooperatively and effectively with others with ability to adapt to changes in the workplace as part of maintaining currency in profession.

Exhibits ability to be competent in the following areas:

1) One-to-one interactions with patients
2) Knowledge of drug and alcohol withdrawal
3) De-escalation/Restraint Management
4) Knowledge of the self-help model

Demonstrates leadership qualities with adaptive abilities and strong interpersonal relations skills. Possess management skills and the ability to effectively supervise employees Ability to use sound administrative practices. Work cooperatively and effectively with others and ability to adapt to changes in the workplace.

Must be fluent in English (verbal and written).